Readers ask residents to support Allesee

I am not normally one to support a candidate publically, but Julie Allesee’s ideas and experience have stimulated me to become involved in this year’s local election.

I am proud to endorse Julie Allesee for Second Ward City Council.  My experiences with Julie have been varied, but one thing is constant, she is a bright, savvy business woman with a great love and understanding of her community.  She is a wife, mother and grandmother and has raised her family in the River Cities.

Julie will provide us with new leadership and new ideas because she is a “hands on” leader and active community volunteer.  

Julie has spent her entire life in leadership roles, developing people, solving problems and helping organizations thrive.  Julie understands the need to balance a budget and is willing to make the tough decisions, but will do her homework and exhaust all options first. Because Julie has successfully owned and operated two businesses in downtown Clinton and been at the reigns of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, she is aware of the big issues Clinton faces.  Julie will be accessible and involve her ward and the city as a whole in her decisions.

She has spent several years working with our local, state and federal governments.  She organized and facilitated the mayor’s annual trips where millions of dollars were returned to our community from Des Moines and Washington, D.C.  As a councilwoman, Julie will represent the people of our district honorably and continue to ensure that our voice is heard in the state capitol.

Julie is a woman of integrity; she is kind, fair and genuine.  She is a person who looks at the glass half full and is willing to help others see the positive side of situations.  Many times I have observed the sensitive and unselfish side of Julie Allesee.  Julie will make a difference.  She would be honored to have your vote.

Barb Jacobsen, Clinton

Although I am no longer a resident of Clinton County, I would like to lend my support to Julie Allesee in her run for the Second Ward council position.

Julie and I have been friends since I began working at Nielsen Clearing House in 1981.  Julie’s skills, her ability to communicate with people from all walks of life, her work ethic, and her desire to learn and succeed — all meshed to bring her from her beginning job as a part-time night shift entry operator to the upper levels of management.  Julie earned the friendship and respect of the people with whom and for whom she worked, and has maintained those relationships in the many years since.

In 1988, Julie and I found ourselves looking at impending unemployment.  We purchased a bingo supply business and began selling bingo supplies from our home.  In no time we recognized an opportunity to develop the business beyond peddling bingo supplies and we formed a partnership and opened our retail business in downtown Clinton in 1989.  For the 12 years we were business partners, Julie was involved, first in leadership positions in Main Street and the Downtown Business and Professional Association, then as the Director of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, working to improve the business climate of the city she loves.

She has received many honors for her work as a volunteer and as a businessperson.  The groups bestowing those honors recognized that Julie is a person of integrity who gives her best to her job every day.  She is honest, hard-working, and committed to the City of Clinton, Clinton County, and the Gateway area.  She is sensitive to the needs of others and cares enough to use her talents to make things better.

Julie has the knowledge and the skill to help keep Clinton moving forward.  She has the desire to be an instrument of positive change in the community.  And she will listen to the people of the second ward and represent them to the best of her ability.

Please consider my friend, Julie Allesee, when casting your ballot for your council representative in the Second Ward.

Maureen Miller, Knoxville

Clinton resident urges voters to remember Brockett at the polls

At all levels of government voters are faced with making decisions that will point our nation, state and communities on a course that hopefully will sustain us for years to come. It seems there has never been a more critical time to exercise our freedoms at the ballot box than what we face right now. Our lives and activities are daily impacted by those we chose to represent us at the local level. Whether it be the condition of the streets we drive on, the cost of city services to haul away our trash and flush our toilets, or the ability to respond to our emergency needs by fire and police officials, we all have a huge stake in the future of our community, and one which we can impact with our ballot. In the Second Ward a young man has finally had enough of the negative comments and attitudes about our community and has stepped forward to provide a clear choice for the voters. Jim Brockett, a devoted husband and father, life-long Clinton resident, and a U.S. Army veteran with experience in the Gulf War, has determined that it is time for him to serve our local community. Yes, he is new to the political arena. I don’t see that as a bad thing at all. Jim has never impressed me as a follower anyway. I know he will ask questions, of not only the status-quo, but also to require that statements and claims are readily supported by facts. For those looking for an open and honest person to represent them in Second Ward, I suggest casting your ballot for Jim Brockett.

Mike Drury, Clinton

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