More study needed on the dock issue

The headlines of the Sept. 22, 1989 Clinton Herald state “Dock Sale Positions Explained” and “Council Split.” Once again, the Clinton municipal dock headlines are back in vogue, with the council once again split. Then, as now, the council is not cognizant of the actual value of the long-term consequences of the sale.

At that time, River View Partners of Bettendorf, which was associated with Alter Corp., was interested in trading the Allied Steel building and property that they owned for the Clinton municipal dock.

Some council members in their zeal to expand Riverview Park, were interested in  the River View Partners’ proposal. Obviously, then as now, the council did not understand the true value of the municipal dock. Nor did they understand the long-term consequences of owning the Allied Steel property, and the potential of becoming a liable party to the subsequent massive environmental clean-up costs.

Facts are changing almost daily regarding the sale of this valueable asset. We need decisions based on reason rather than  instinct. Otherwise, we're responding much like Pavlov's dog in trying to balance the ledger. More time and serious consideration need to be given to this proposed sale. The true value of the dock is obviously considerably more than the current estimated price of $6.2 million.

There is more to be determined than the market value. In addition, the actual value and use value need to be determined. Values can only be determined by hiring professional appraisers that specialize in these types of sales. We also need to consider negotiating usage fees and franchise fees based on tonnage in any proposed sale thus ensuring a source of continuing income for the city of Clinton.

Once fair appraisals have determined the value of the dock, then it must go through an open bidding process.

The best value would be determined on the world market.

Let the Saudis and China bid along with others on our municipal dock.

Only then will we know the true value. We may be shocked regarding the value of our valuable real estate that is located on the great Mississippi River.

Robert Betsinger, Clinton

Vote for LaMetta Wynn for mayor

I write in support of LaMetta Wynn for Mayor of Clinton.

My whole professional career has been invested in forming leaders. As a past professor and president of a graduate school, I know the qualities required for someone to be a natural leader. Leaders must have a broad and deep understanding that is shaped by a rich and varied background living and working with people. Having deep experience in one field such as business, as many candidates tout these days, is surely a good quality. But it is an insufficient quality for good leadership when by itself.

The ability to shape and lead a team requires deep understanding of how people behave, how to motivative them, and how to spark them with a compelling vision for the good of all. When this rare knowledge is joined in a person with compassion, dedication to the good of the community, and humility, that person truly is wise...and rare.

We have such a natural, wise and humble leader in LaMetta Wynn. That is enough already to qualify her for mayor. But with her experience of having made consequential decisions worth millions upon millions of dollars-through her service as mayor, on the hospital board, the State Board of Education, and a vital team member of Vision Iowa-LaMetta is wise and proven.

For the good of Clinton it is imperative that we have once again a leader who will neither micro-manage nor serve her ego, who listens and has a vision for all to share, and who will lead a respected and respectful team and community back to the health we deserve and expect.

It is urgent that we elect the rare one who is strong, wise and proven. Vote for LaMetta Wynn for Mayor.

Duane Larson, Clinton

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