With deep concern and the motivation to assist, we are writing this letter to encourage each and every person that enjoys being able to turn on your lights, have the blowers work on your furnaces, and enjoy your air conditioners when it is so nice and hot help us lobby to keep our Quad Cities Nuclear Plant operational. Clinton, Illinois, Byron, Illinois, and our own plant are all “at risk for closure” plants.

Currently at the State of Illinois, House Bill 3293 and Senate Bill 1585 are being considered for an upcoming vote. The session ends at the end of May, so very soon these bills will be called for a vote.

Our Quad Cities Plant is not asking for a bailout. Currently wind and solar energy are the types of energy that we as taxpayers subsidize at a much higher rate than we currently subsidize nuclear power. All types of energy are important, but stop and think about how many jobs are provided in our area in Illinois with wind or solar energy?

This facility alone provides over 800 good paying jobs to families who live in our Quad-Cities area; 8,000 jobs are at risk in our state. This would mean a loss of 1.8 billion annually in economic activity!

Illinois nuclear energy facilities can produce enough round-the-clock electricity to serve more than 7 million residents — three times the population of Chicago. This number represents 48 percent of all electricity generated in Illinois.

Our economy and our communities cannot afford to lose a viable employer who gives so much back to the communities they serve. If $2.4 million of property taxes are no longer paid to Rock Island County, who will make up this deficit?

Join us on May 6 as we take a bus trip to Springfield to let our voices be heard at our Capitol. You can email us at barbianis24@gmail.com and we will give you more information about the time. The transportation will not cost you anything and lunch will be provided.

Numbers speak when you lobby and we need you!

Len and Barb Suehl-Janis

Fulton, Ill.

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