Oftentimes, unless it is an outstanding athletic or scholarly achievement, it’s easy to overlook the good that is being done by area students.

That’s why we want to recognize a group of Clinton High School students who wrote and delivered to the Iowa Legislature a Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of Iowa. The ninth- and 10th-grade at-risk students received a suggestion from a local organization, Grandparents and Others United for Positive Changes, that they draw up a bill of rights for young people like themselves.

The Clinton High School students drew up a three-page proposed law, which four of them and one of their teachers, Jennifer Hansen, hand-carried to Des Moines and presented to three senators and a representative.

In it, the group asks that basic rights be established for Iowa’s children and youths, that their liberties as human beings be protected and that their right to a valuable education be ensured.

The content of their Bill of Rights draws much upon the experiences of these students, who have great potential and at the same time have had many obstacles to overcome. In other words, they know what is important for them to become all that they can be.

Through their work, they are doing something important for all of Iowa’s children and youths — giving them a voice that will empower them all.