Picture after picture, slide after slide, it is easy to see the devastation experienced during the Flood of ‘65, which crested here 50 years ago — on April 28, 1965.

To get ready for that observance, we have been working on a special edition, complete with memories and photos shared by readers who lived through the flood and today vividly remember the fear and awe that come with witnessing a record flood event firsthand.

This was in the day before the levee’s existence. A multi-year project, it was built through a special act of Congress as a result of the flood and was completed in 1981.

Readers have been extremely gracious in getting involved with the April 28 edition. Many stacks of original photographs have made their way into the building. Memories have been both emailed to us and handwritten and dropped off for publication.

There also have been a few surprises that we can’t wait to share with readers, such as two narrated slideshows, one that features the flooding near Clinton Corn and the other made up of slides taken of select spots around the city during the flood. These were submitted by the family of Wilfred McDonald, who narrated the slideshows that were put together, many years after the flood, for posterity’s sake. 

They will be available for viewing soon on Clintonherald.com as will a gallery of submitted photos and Clinton Herald file photos.

We want to thank all who have taken part in this project. If you haven’t but would still like to get involved, just email your photos and memories to news@clintonherald.com by 5 p.m. Sunday.

We are looking forward to sharing this edition with you, our readers, as we take a walk back through time.

And again — thank you!

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