Throughout the years, time and time again the need for a building code in Clinton has surfaced. At times there were formal votes, with the last one failing in 2003.

Then the issue subsides, only to spring up again when the need arises, such as when the Deer Ridge apartments burned in December. Some wonder if the building would still be standing if a code had been in place and utilized.

Now the issue has appeared again, this time after state Rep. Polly Bukta, who represents Clinton, helped craft legislation moving through the Statehouse after learning of local officials’ strong support for a building code. If passed, it would go into effect in mid-2008.

Some feel this is a back-door way of getting the code in place; others say it’s the only way it will happen in Clinton since voters continue to turn down the code when at the polls.

Our hope is that the local citizenry can put a code in place on its own, something that voters will agree is necessary. At the same time, it will take a major effort to get the wording in place so that the majority can agree it is the correct policy for Clinton.

If that can’t be done, then the legislation, and resulting law, is the way to make that happen. While it’s not the ideal way for it to happen, at least we will be up to speed and on par with what other cities have — a code that protects the citizens of the city.

It’s time for that to happen.

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