Several people that visited Clinton from the American Queen said Clinton had the most and the friendliest “red shirted” volunteers they had ever seen. In some cities, the Chamber sent two or three to welcome them and the residents ignored them.

I volunteered by the river from 8 a.m. to noon and at the George Curtis Mansion from noon until 4 p.m. At the mansion, we had 97 sign our guestbook, some spending a half hour and some spending two hours. We had a lady in a wheel chair that only did the downstairs but went four times with four different guides and said each was different but she enjoyed each one.

One lady said she had been to many mansions in many cities but this was the first one that allowed them upstairs, and to see the second and third floors was wonderful.

I’m happy I’m going on the American Queen from Sept. 3 to 11, going from New Orleans to Memphis, stopping in a different town every day.

Jeanette Petersen,