Soon children will be seen heading to and from school early in the morning and later each day. Some will be in buses and cars; others will be hoofing it on the streets.

No matter how those students get transported back and forth, now’s the time for the rest of us to remember to be more viligant when we are out and about.

It’s time to remember that we must keep a close eye on the bus near us, to make sure that kids don’t end up in our paths. That means being watchful for the signs and the lights that the bus driver uses to signal his or her intent.

Then there’s the kids who are out walking.

Remember that they will be crossing the street; we urge drivers to obey speed limits in those areas. We know from past interviews with crossing guards that drivers tend to whiz by crossing areas way too fast.

Then of course there will be more teens on the road near Clinton’s high schools. Remember there will be added traffic near those areas.

It all comes down to those of us with experience on the road to exercise more caution as we go to work, our homes or on errands.

Our advice to heighten safety: Practice a little patience and keep an eye out for the kids.

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