The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 3, 2012

Writers show support for local, national candidates

Letters to the Editor

CLINTON — On the campaign trail State Senate candidate Bill Albracht claims he will bring change to Illinois.

But when pressed for details he skirts around any real answer.

Mr. Albracht, if you believe you are qualified to hold elected office you should know how voters deserve details.

According to Mr. Albracht’s website he has a Five Point Plan for change. One of the points was to stop the sale of the Thomson prison to the federal government. Now that the federal government has completed the sale and Illinois has $165 million more to pay its backlog of bills, Mr. Albracht’s Five Point Plan has been knocked down to four.

Another point would be to eliminate funding for “non-essential State programs.” What programs would Mr. Albracht eliminate? He has now said. Maybe he means completely decimating after-school programs. Or maybe he means healthcare to children, the disabled and seniors.

Speaking of children, the disabled and seniors, Mr. Albracht believes they should be drug tested to receive their Medicaid. When asked how he could drug test a severly handicapped individual or a small child, he says it will be done with “common sense.”

Mr. Albracht, what does that mean? Without these answers I can only rely on what I know as fact.

State Senator Mike Jacobs has secured millions in state funding, economic growth and job creation. Senator Jacobs has answers to the tough questions. We cannot afford to lose a proven record for a lack of details.

Kurt Dreger,

Savanna, Ill.


I am a full-time employee of the Clinton Community School District.

Even though I work 40 hours per week I do not receive health insurance benefits.

While that would be a nice bonus to my job, I am just thankful that I can work 40 hours each week and receive pay for that.

This week however I found out that because of Obamacare my hours in the near future will be reduced to less than 30 hours per week. We were informed that because of Obamacare, which will take effect in January 2014, employers such as the school district will have to provide insurance for all employes working over 30 hours per week.

The limit that the employee can contribute is 10 percent. For places that employ a lot of people, like school districts, stores, etc., they simply cannot afford to pay 90 percent of the insurance premiums for all their employees.

So in the near future I will not only be without health insurance but I will be without more than 10 hours of pay per week or more than 520 hours of pay per year. My salary will be reduced by more than 25 percent.

Do all those in support of Obamacare understand the effect it will have on families and on children? Many who work one job will now have to have an additional job to make up for the difference in pay.

The paraeducators who are a necessity to the teachers will not be able to work the entire school day. Think of the effect that will have on the teachers and on the students. I cannot even imagine the impact it will make on our community.

Our school district is already losing students causing us to go into tremendous debt. When the quality of education goes down I suspect we will lose even more. I can only hope that voters will be more responsible this time around.

Karen Johnson,



The Republican candidate for State Senate seems to have a fixation on bottled water and not much else of importance.

The Democrat candidate for State Senate, Rita Hart, is concerned about the burdens we face with taxes —property, gas, income, sales, schools, sewer and so on. She is talking about education, our students and teachers.

Rita Hart is pushing for real jobs at a decent wage. Rita Hart has the background and experience to fairly represent all of us in the Iowa Senate.

I urge Clinton County voters to listen to and read about what Rita Hart stands for. Bottled water Andy just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard.

Bob Soesbe,