The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 8, 2012

READER'S LETTER: Honor the veterans Sunday

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — Please remember this Veterans’ Day on Sunday.

There will be several programs in the Clinton area honoring our veterans. Gateway Baptist Church will hold a service and free meal at Vista Grande banquet hall.

I hope many veterans young and old are present. Several restaurants will offer a free meal or discounts for all veterans. From military cemeteries in France, the Pacific and United States, our freedoms have a cost of young lives. When you see a veteran being from the Greatest Generation to veterans of the New Generation, say thanks to them for what they have done for our freedom and lives. This is especially true of World War II and Korean veterans who are slowly passing away. Even the Vietnam veterans are passing away at about 700 a day.

What should you do with your old worn-out American flag? Drop the unserviceable flags at AMVETS Post 28 at 1317 S. 17th St., Clinton, where there is a mailbox that has been repainted and where flags can be deposited outside the Post. Also, flags can be dropped off at my office at the Clinton County Administration Building, 1900 N. Third St.

On Veterans’ Day, at dusk, members of AMVETS Post 28 will conduct a ceremony to have a dignified disposal of unserviceable American flags. A flag may be a piece of cloth, plastic or a beautiful banner. It’s real value maybe be trifling or great, but its value is beyond price for it is a precious symbol of all that we are, our comrades have worked for, lived and died for — a free nation of free men and women, true to the faith of the past and devoted to ideals and practice of justice, freedom and democracy.

A flag may become unserviceable in a worthy cause and should be honorably retired from further service. All Post members, families and friends are invited. The Post will have a paid lunch after the ceremony.

To all veterans, please join or support our Veterans’ Post. Veterans’ Posts and organizations are the only ones who support and defend our veterans’ rights and benefits.

God bless America, our flag, all veterans past, present and future and our MIAs and POWs of our beloved America.

Edward Staszewski,

Clinton County Veterans Affairs director