The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 19, 2012

Writer pushes for Republican candidates

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — I’d like to offer a few thoughts about the upcoming elections.

Dave Loebsack is a three-term career Congressman, and, according to his voting record, a party hack.

Let’s use the broom to make a clean sweep out of this dysfunctional relic by electing John Archer.

Rita Hart got the state senate nomination because she is a member of the teachers’ union and had the backing of AFSCME — the public employees’ union. She will represent them, not we the people.

Obviously there is no chance that she would ever support real educational reform such as performance evaluations for teachers or that she would even consider making the 88 percent of public employees pay something toward their generous benefit package.

Andrew Naeve is beholding to no special interest groups and is experienced in agriculture and small business management.

Carolyn Grimes would be a breath of fresh air in Des Moines because she is running as an independent.

Lastly Justice Wiggins must be voted out just as were his cohorts, the three Supreme Court justices who were removed in the last election.

The court must be taught that they are not a cabal of petty dictators who can legislate from the bench usurping the legislature’s proper role.

Nelson Morris,