The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 13, 2013

Two safety concerns apparent to Savanna reader

The Clinton Herald

---- — I live in Savanna, Ill., and attend the UU Fellowship most Sundays in Clinton. When in Clinton, I usually do some shopping around town. I have been much impressed with the improvements being made on the city streets.

However, I have two concerns that I think of every time I drive through the town.

One is the drainage openings along the curbs on the new roadways. I can just see a warm summer rain with the drainage backing up some, and some kids and dogs are playing in the warm water. Most of the openings are large enough that a small child or a fairly large dog could be sucked up along with the water. I don’t know where they would come out, but apparently very far from where they went in. I don’t think alive.

There are no grates on these drains, as used to be the case with all storm drains. I think this is a big enough safety issue that it should be addressed.

The other is the curbs sticking out into the street. A good example is on South Fourth Street next to Hy-Vee. On a dark rainy night both those curbs stick out and the lane lines get very hard to see. Also, when there is snow coming down and sticking to everything, they and the lane lines are completely invisible. It would seem to be appropriate to address these issues with the highway engineers in charge of these designs.

Thank you for reading this,

Don Majors,