The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 27, 2013

Reader: Fence causing problems for property owner

The Clinton Herald

---- — You wouldn’t believe it until you see it.

A fence down the visual center of a recently vacated county road (South 360th Avenue). Thank you board of supervisors. This is a true sight to behold.

It was a ruling by retired Clinton County Judge Charles Pelton, requested by Lawrence Martens and son and implemented by Clinton County Engineer Todd Kinney.

It was built, all 2,300 feet of glossy back wooden posts, five rows of high tensile wire, with electric capabilities.

What farmer or rural resident wouldn’t have a nightmare if this appeared down the middle of their gravel road and a few feet from their ingress/egress entrance? You drive in the ditch and no longer have equipment access to you farmland.

Our ancestors, when granting this easement in 1856, never imagined the damaging results of their generous act.

Our Clinton County tax dollars paid for it all. Can you imagine the dollars for surveys (many), specialists to do bad road checks, culverts, many loads of fill dirt, huge amounts of gravel, use of county secondary road employees and county equipment, professional fence builders, and the many hours spent for planning and implementation of this building project by our county engineer?

Snowmobile riders, be aware of this obstacle in your path as you ride the ditches and fields along 292nd Street. Smashing into this colossal creation could hurt (is the county liable for your injuries or death?)

What is the need or purpose of such a fence? (no livestock.)

Oh no. Now the county engineer wants to tear out half the fence and move it further to the east.

Sharon Leonard, Camanche