The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

February 3, 2014

Kudos to Bettendorf business that donated to Humane Society

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — Shop local?

That is what I usually do except for on the rare occasions of going to the Quad-City area or for shopping online.

It was a very sad and heartbreaking event when the Clinton Humane Society lost heat and they had to buy space heaters to try to keep the dogs and cats warm there. On the other hand, it was wonderful to hear of so many people, local and national, coming forward to donate towards the society’s heating situation.

Now, my question is this: What happened to all of our local heating contractors when the Humane Society lost their heat? Did we hear of any of them coming forward to help them out? I don’t think so.

It took an out-of-town firm, from Bettendorf, to come and assess the situation and then offer the furnace, parts and labor for free. What a generous and selfless gift that was for them to do that. God bless them for coming forward and offering to do such an act of kindness.

Even though I didn’t get my donation out in time for the heating cause, I do plan on still sending a donation to help them towards getting an air conditioner unit for the dog area of the building. I hope other people will feel the same way and make a donation towards the society’s plan to use the money for that cause.

Bottom line, wake up Clinton businesses. People in this area shop local to help keep our local businesses going as we don’t want any more places to have to close their doors, but what happened to our local businesses when they were desperately needed by the Clinton Humane Society? Think about it and maybe next time a business in the Clinton area will step up and act to help one of our local shelters or other non-profit organizations. Your reward might end up being better business for you by the people of this area in the knowing that you will be there to help them if needed and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you so selflessly help another. Maybe next time you will be the one that needs help.

Cathy Mumm,