The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

March 11, 2014

Reader: Let food be your medicine

The Clinton Herald

---- — A local pharmacy proudly proclaims their prowess at “disease state management.”

Wait a second — aren’t diseases something we should be curing or healing, instead of just feeding with a steady stream of drugs? It is especially crucial when it comes to cancer — sure don’t want that one to progress to a later stage! Or how about Ebola?

The way I see it, we are being treated like experimental livestock with an endless series of “meds,” which then morph into “crops” of diseases preparing us for the final slaughter. After all, is there any ailment actually caused by a drug deficiency?

The vast majority of modern illness is due to taxpayer-subsidized, processed foods and pills. In some cases the food companies also sell drugs to treat conditions caused by their foods.

So we are stuck in a virtual feedback loop, never really getting well until we throw off the synthetic chains and rediscover God’s natural healing remedies. His abundance needs to be nurtured instead of ignored, as “mainstream” practitioners tend to do. Wouldn’t that nurturing be an appropriate objective for fellow Christians to heartily embrace? That is, unless they would rather sanction and inflict further needless suffering on their faithful brethren.

Certainly drugs have their place in health but should be used with utmost caution. After all the medical system consistently ranks in highest causes of death.

Let’s take an integrative approach with the best of both worlds. Let your food be your medicine — and spread the message far and wide. Then, work together to restore the basic freedom to choose your own health path.

Brent J. Bielema,

Fulton, Ill.