The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 15, 2012

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Determann is an ‘activist’

Clinton Herald

CLINTON — Tom Determann has been an “activist” for Clinton, Clinton County and the state of Iowa for 40 years in the best sense of that word. Today he seeks to continue his career of working for the betterment of our communities as a new county supervisor. His opponent is also a good man who has served our city and county as a public servant.

But I want to tell you why Tom deserves your vote and support. His steady efforts over his working career have helped in a very major way to bring Clinton, the county and eastern Iowa into a position where now for the first time in many years, we are in a competitive mode for economic development and future growth against all corners.

Tom’s tireless efforts have been most noticeable through his dedication to rebuilding our infrastructure — highways, schools, blighted areas and new land for development and growth. Examples: Highway 30 and Camanche Avenue development now nearing completion and involving many millions of dollars, the very area that had been Clinton’s Achilles heel for growth because of its unsightly and pothole infested and dangerous streets.

This program took many years, involved people and lobbying to happen. Innumerable trips to Des Moines, Ames, Cedar Rapids and other Iowa communities had to happen with presentations and research. Tom Determann probably attended 80 to 90 percent of them.

Not only that, he drove vans full of mayors, councilmen, Chamber and development leaders, labor members, engineers, supervisors and any other involved people, Republican, Democrat or Independent, from Clinton, Camanche, Fulton, DeWitt, Calamus, Wheatland and other small towns west.

I went on many of these myself and I can list any number of others who did the same. To my knowledge in all these trips and miles traveled he never once asked for any compensation, even gas money. And if you know Tom, he was an active participant in the necessary lobbying and discussions that occurred. I’ve heard some people have criticized him for expressing his opinion too forcefully. I thank God he’s had the courage to do so.

That has helped this entire area in our successful bypass project, plans for a four-lane Highway 30, a four-lane connection to I-88 in Illinois, our ongoing railport project and others that will help not just Clinton and the county but western Illinois and all eastern Iowa as well. With his ongoing energy and desire to serve all Clinton County and its needs in the future, Tom Determann will work hard with the other supervisors to make Clinton County a better place for us all in the years ahead. Honor him with your vote at the ballot box.

Harry Rutenbeck,


Reader supports Naeve

I am writing in support of Andrew Naeve, candidate for State Senate.  You may be asking why — I have never written a letter, volunteered for, or donated to any candidate in my lifetime.  However, I felt compelled to do all three because this is such an important election for the future of our state.  This race may determine which party has the majority in the Iowa Senate.

I am supporting Andrew because he will do everything he can as a state senator to make Iowa and keep Iowa a friendly place to live and do business.  Andrew also believes the state must keep its budget balanced.  He knows that unneeded regulation bloats government and throws a wet blanket on prosperity.

Andrew is a young sixth-generation family farmer who grew up understanding the value of hard work, responsibility, and dedication to community.  His parents taught him how a business works in the little town of Andover, Iowa.  After high school, Andrew earned a degree in Farm Business Management and Finance at Cornell University while playing basketball.   Since returning home, he served as member of the East Central School Board.  

Andrew knows that personal freedom, individual responsibility and innovation that comes from the people, not government, is what made our country and our state great.   Please join me in voting for Andrew this Nov. 6.

I feel this is an important election, and that our state, and country, are in need of strong direction.

Keith Dexter,

Lost Nation

Hart receives endorsement

We have known Rita Hart for almost 25 years. During that time it has been our pleasure to work and perform with her on the musical stage, interact with her family and dialogue with her on many important social issues including education.

Rita is a lovely singer who shares her talents with her church community. She is an intelligent and compassionate woman with the ability to balance the responsibilities of motherhood and work and maintain a great sense of humor. Rita cares deeply about the needs of others. She listens carefully and contemplates possible solutions to the problems. She respects different perspectives.

As a member of the senate we are confident that she would consider the needs of her constituents and work across party lines for the benefit of the citizens of eastern Iowa.

Tom and Jeannie Dean,