The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 21, 2013

Do not put clinic in Clinton Park

The Clinton Herald

---- — I am very much opposed to building a clinic in Clinton Park. When the Iowa Land Company gave the city in 1855 the land for parks, I am sure they intended that the land would provide open space and green space for the enjoyment of the people of Clinton.

When previous councils gave in to pressure to put in parking lots and a huge building in the parks, they did a disservice to the people.

There is no reason that the present council should compound the mistake made by previous councils by allowing a building to be placed in the park. When the parking lots were put in, it was to provide adequate parking for the businesses downtown. We probably have two or three times the vehicles that we had 50 years ago. We need those parking lots. Very often, I have seen those lots used heavily, especially for special events.

We have plenty of deteriorated space in town that could be cleared for the clinic.

We could help the clinic by helping them to find property that would fit them better without further destroying our parks. If the clinic fails, the building will probably become a pizza place, or worse, another tavern. Think about it.

Please do not give our park away. It does not belong to the council. It belongs to the people.

Bob and Ethel Soesbe,