The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 23, 2013

Democrats at fault for government shutdown

The Clinton Herald

---- — After the shutdown was over, a few misguided people told me how Republican Ted Cruz and the Tea Party cost the taxpayer billions of dollars and shot themselves in the foot.

I said they are trying to do what’s best for “We the People” not their party by stopping this Democrat Obamacare law from hurting Americans and wasting trillions of dollars. Many Democrats, including Tom Harkin and Bruce Braley, supported and claimed to have read Obamacare.

Remember the Republicans had stated that they would fund the government but not Obamacare. The Democrats kept saying that they will not negotiate or compromise. The House Republicans responded by saying that Obamacare should be delayed by one year, just like Obama did for big business. But Obama and the Democrats still said no. Now a lot of Democrats want some type of delay. So why isn’t the media asking these Democrats why they want a delay now but voted against it to cause a shutdown?

Progressive Republicans like John McCain and Peter King were insulting Cruz and Mike Lee and tried to prevent them from doing what is best for the people without standing with the Republican establishment. But now, spineless McCain is demanding to get rid of Obamacare (what a joke). This law was never about providing affordable health care. Obamacare was designed to give the federal government total power and control over our lives and freedom.

Like Ronald Reagan said: “If not stopped, someday you will awaken to have socialized medicine.”

Jim Budde,