The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 21, 2013

Superintendent addresses letter

By Deb Olson
The Clinton Herald

---- — In the Oct. 17 edition of the Clinton Herald, I read a Letter to the Editor about the challenge of the school district to overcome a budget shortfall due to loss of enrollment by not offering wage increases to the employees of the district.

As in the last four years, the district has and will continue to make reductions to overcome any budget shortfall.There was a major inaccuracy that I would like to address within the editorial that claimed administrators have received the same salary increase as every other bargaining group each year.

This has not been true since 2008-2009. In both 2009-2010, and 2010-2011, the administrators received no raises. Since 2011, this group has received raises, but at a much reduced rate than other bargaining groups. It is true that administrators have higher salaries than other employees; however, it is due to two very important reasons, the length of the contract and the level of responsibility.

The majority of our employees are contracted to work 192 days throughout the year while administrators work 260 days. Our district employs over 600 people which require different levels of supervision and responsibility.

Administrators are in charge of anywhere between 425 to 3,900 people each and every day. The responsibilities that arise from so many different departments takes levels of expertise not found in just anyone.I value the excellent education that is provided each and every day by our employees who care for our children in Clinton. I can think of no finer group of caring and dedicated individuals and always am extremely proud to be the superintendent of the district.In the coming months, the school board will be faced with difficult reduction scenarios and I believe they will do so the same way they have in the past, with thoughtful, deliberate actions that will decrease our budget in order to live within our means. The members of the board understand what it means to live here and represent our community in making decisions based on the needs of our children. I would ask that you support them in this challenging endeavor and support the school district and our children.

Deb Olson,

Superintendent of Schools