The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 26, 2013

Reader letter: Incumbent receives support

The Clinton Herald

---- — We would like to encourage everyone to cast your vote in the upcoming city council election. We are at a critical juncture in maneuvering the economic challenges that face our city and indeed the entire nation.

It is crucial that candidates be elected that have a progressive attitude and who choose to effect positive change.

Jennifer Graf is such a candidate for the Clinton City Council At- large seat. Incumbent Graf has a proven track record of identifying problems and implementing a plan of action that draws on her innate abilities to achieve compromise and resolution. Jennifer has an illustrious career in serving others.

She draws on her vast experience when representing her constituents. Graf has faithfully served for the last four years on the City Council. Jennifer is currently co- chair of the YWCA, chair of Bridgeview (mental health facility), a member of Rotary and a member and trustee at the First Congregational Church.

Graf’s concern and public service also extends to environmental issues. She has been the Clinton representative for the Clinton County Solid Waste Agency (landfill) for four years and has successfully expanded the plastic and cardboard recycling options.

Graf is a member of the Internal Operations Committee and chairs the Capital Improvements Committee for the city of Clinton. This has been an arduous task of fact finding. Graf has had the tenacity and courage to ask the hard questions, building a consensus to determine a path of resolution.

Graf has always been recognized for her diplomacy and professionalism. She is an adept communicator, able to listen to all sides and remain steadfast in creating a resolution for the highest good.

Please join us in electing Jennifer Graf to represent us on Nov. 5.

Dr. Don and Marcia Flory,


Last chance to replace council

This letter is to the Clinton residents. We can vote every day until Nov. 5.

It will be our last chance to replace the present city council. Every one who lives in the Clinton city limits and rents or owns property should vote this time.

Here are some reasons why.

1. A wastewater treatment plant we didn’t need with a cost over run of $33 million. Bid price $34.7 million; cost to date $67.3 million and it’s not done.

2. The fire department overbilling; lawsuit cost $4.5 million.

3. The lawsuit to correct that mistake; cost $1 million.

4. Possible appeal of the lawsuit may be $1 million more.

5. Ongoing law suit over closed meetings; unknown cost.

6. Unknown cost to supply water line to railport. More run-away expense.

They have dug a hole that will be hard to get out of, without more tax money or other fees. Only Councilman John Rowland was not there when all this happened (editor’s note: Also elected at the same time as Rowland was Julie Allesee, who had not served on the council before being elected); the rest have to be replaced.

I like Grant Wilke, Ed O’Neal, Julie Alesee, Lynn McGraw and John Rowland. But I can only vote for Grant and Julie.

Also there are two tax issues on the ballot taking money out of one pocket and putting it in another —Proposition E and F. I will vote no because in the end we will pay more tax. It is up to you, if you like what they have done and continue to do, keep them there.

Charles Smith,