The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 6, 2013

Don't put down BNS workers' performance

The Clinton Herald

---- — Recently I read the articles regarding the restructuring of the Neighborhood Services Department in Clinton. It seems the fire department became much more involved due to available funding. It is one thing for Mike Harmon and his team to have to adjust to restructuring, which is never easy, but, it is another thing to have their performance slammed.

I worked with Mike’s office through the years in my position managing two multiple-unit apartment complexes in Clinton. My husband and I also own our own rental units. During that time I had many inspections performed by the Neighborhood Service Department. They were always responsible, kind and professional when dealing with myself as a manager/owner, and also residents. If there was a violation of some kind it was thoughroughly explained and a written explanation followed.

Why would Jessica Kinser say the negative things about how Neighborhood Services functioned? She has not even been in Clinton that long to know the history. This department is set up to have people complain because they are enforcing city laws and codes that cost time and money for builders and owners. Restructuring will not stop people from complaining.

I know things will always change, but people who have worked hard do not need to be put down in this way.

Linda Wynkoop-Portz,