The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

August 14, 2013

Reader: There is a better way to health

Letter to the Editor

---- — On Saturday your "Annie's Mailbox" column featured a letter by B. Douglas Hoey, indicating how important "medication adherence" is. 

What he neglected to cite is that 100,000 people die yearly from so-called "properly prescribed" medications. This includes unconscionably-excessive rates of suicide (and homicide) from psychotropic and other mind-altering drugs — which are incessantly advertised on TV. These are also wiping out our brave returning soldiers. 

To put it bluntly, Americans are being overmedicated to death.

The fact is, there is no known disease caused by a drug deficiency. Even "Popular Science" admits that today's drugs are less effective than those made 40 years ago! And drugs often cause nutritional deficiencies and side effects — worsening the very conditions they are purported to treat.

I don't think that taxpayers should give a single cent to this hyper-profitable sickness machine. By any rational measure, the return on our hard-earned dollars is abysmal. Instead of actual cures we get endless "disease management" and broken promises that also bankrupt patients.

Western medicine certainly has a legitimate place, treating acute and traumatic conditions. But we should be providing healthy incentives to grow more and better natural and organic foods. This would be the wisest investment in health we could possibly make; nutrition has saved my life and cured my asthma, after prescription drugs only prolonged my distress. And enlightened doctors take an integrative approach, uniting the best of all medical disciplines.

Let's do the right thing and heal America the natural way. 

Isn't this much better than a toxic, overmedicated "pharmageddon"?

Brent Bielema, 

Fulton, Ill.