The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 19, 2013

BIELEMA: New website additions give glimpse into city's past

Charlene Bielema
The Clinton Herald

---- — Coverage of local events, hometown news and national news stories’ local impact are the many angles we look at each day as we put together our news budget at the Clinton Herald.

Whether it be feature stories that will help readers in the kitchen or shine the light on medical issues, an advice column that a reader looks forward to checking out each day, or the sports or comics pages, we in the Clinton Herald newsroom must work consistently day in and day out to bring readers what they are seeking in their local newspaper.

When I began my career here what feels like a short 18 years ago, it was that print product that was the focus of each day’s work and, as such, there was a 24-hour window of time to get stories written and turned in so they could be edited, cut and pasted up onto a page, and sent to the pressroom to be included in the daily edition.

But in just a few years, the world of news was about to change.

That change was the Internet and newspapers’ subsequent creation of their own websites to have an online presence. Ours is found at

Now, here we are a good 15 years later and in that time we have learned the extreme importance of that presence.

Not only can readers see stories that we post throughout the day, but we also deliver the news through social networking sites to which readers subscribe. We now also have an online edition of our newspaper for those would rather read their Clinton Herald online.

There also are other benefits to the online world as far as newspapers are concerned.

One, of course, is the ability to deliver news as it happens. Readers can see photos and read the latest updates of ongoing news stories. Sure it can be a big fire, but the coverage of Clinton’s legal malpractice lawsuit trial going on for the past 2 1/2 weeks in Scott County shows how readers can be updated throughout the day without having to wait for tomorrow’s edition.

And there is another facet we are introducing to readers — that of content you can find exclusively online at the Herald’s website.

In the past few weeks, we have added a history section that can be found in the index on the left side of the Clinton Herald homepage. Click there and you will find a multitude of stories by Gary Herrity, who is the Clinton Herald’s historical columnist. Gary has written columns for us for nearly a decade and last month we started putting those columns with photos on our website to allow readers to have access to historical data in one, easy-to-find place.

Also added are several family genealogies as provided by Mike Kearney, a member of the Clinton Herald Editorial Board who also is an avid researcher of Clinton’s history. Photo galleries also are being added to the site, with more content to come.

This gives our readers one more reason to seek us out, not only as the newspaper of record that documents the daily happenings in the community, but also one that provides historical perspective and a place to learn more about Clinton’s beginnings.

We hope you, our readers, enjoy this addition.

Charlene Bielema is the Clinton Herald’s editor. She can be reached at