The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 1, 2013

READER LETTER: Reader will cast vote for Sokoloich

The Clinton Herald

---- — Reader will castvote for Sokoloich


I’ve gotten to know Andy Sokolovich over the last 18 months. We’ve had good discussions about our businesses as well as the future of Clinton.

What impresses me most about Andy are his fresh ideas for making Clinton a better place to live, work and raise a family. He brings a unique perspective to the table:

• He has a fresh energy and ideas for promoting Clinton’s assets

• He is a small business owner and understands managing finances

• He has 11 years of military experience as an Air Force air traffic controller

• He understands cooperation and open dialog to move Clinton forward

I’ve been impressed with Andy’s desire to get to the root of what has turned around other cities that have been in similar situations as Clinton. He sought out leaders in those communities that were in charge when things began to turn around. He’s found that the main ingredient in every case was cooperation between the council, mayor, city economic development groups and the private sector.

Andy’s time in the military as an air traffic controller as well as running the operations of an Air Force base gave him the experience he’ll need to understand the complexities of what our city is facing. The budget needs to be balanced and services need to be performed, just like they were when he was in the Air Force and like they do in his business.

Andy Sokolovich isn’t locked into an agenda. He is committed to the best ideas and working in cooperation with others to move Clinton forward. We need people like Andy on the city council. I’m voting for Andy Sokolovich for one of the Clinton City Council at-large seats and I hope you will consider it too.

Patrick Lonergan,



Vote for change Tuesday


What a breath of fresh air. Andy Sololovich would be a perfect candidate. He may not have been born and raised right here but that could be his bonus! He would come with ideas that worked in other places not old stale “it worked in the past” statements.

We live in a completely different economic time than the past; what worked then will not work now. I think he is just what this council needs — someone who is new, fresh, and ready to hit the pavement running! Look at the time he has been here and he is knee deep in the community already showing he cares. He isn’t making false claims of not raising taxes because as we all know that’s not possible. The community still “wants”, and in order to make those “wants” sometimes that involves a tax increase. And he is stable. He hasn’t been let go of most of his jobs from his past.

The citizens of this community have lots of complaints. They cry for something different. If you are serious about wanting something different go out and vote for Andy and make that difference.

Rhonda Scobee,




CRDC leadership urges residents to vote


The City of Clinton will hold a municipal election on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

This is a very important election. There are contested contests in the First and Third wards. Two at-large seats are also being contested. There is an uncontested election in the Second Ward.

Also, there are two important ballot initiatives regarding how we will pay for mandated and discretionary capital improvements for our city that require careful consideration.

Today, more than ever, federal, state and local governments all over the world are the subject of much cynicism and criticism. There is a growing feeling that common citizens cannot effect change.

This is a dangerous and slippery slope! The more we choose not to be involved the less control we will have!

The Board of Directors of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation strongly urges all eligible voters to become an educated/informed voter and carefully weigh the pluses and minuses of each candidate and the ballot initiatives. And most importantly vote!

If you do not vote you are choosing to abdicate one of our most important freedoms. We urge you to exercise this most cherished of rights.

Richard J. Phelan, Chairman

Steven Howes, Vice Chairman


Support Graf forat-large seat


May I express my support of Jennifer Graf, a leader and a listener, informed and interested in all sides, strong and sensible and above all with experience to continue as a member of our City Council.

Francie B. Hill,