The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

February 2, 2013

Hart casts first vote on Senate floor

By Rita Hart
Special to the Herald

CLINTON — This week seemed to just fly by as we had our first debate on the Senate floor.

I was so pleased to be able to cast my very first votes in the Senate chamber for bills that would increase school funding without raising local property taxes.

I look forward to the House and Governor Branstad taking up this issue as soon as possible.

The bill we approved in the Senate, SSB1057, provides the dollars that buy up-to-date textbooks, keep the lights on, put gas in the buses, and pay all school employees.

For an analysis of the legislation, go to

I had fun talking to several of the state FFA officers who visited the Capitol this week.

These young agricultural leaders really impressed me with their knowledge base and their eagerness to make a difference. 

I’m especially proud of the many educational programs we have in this state that foster student participation and create engaged young citizens.

I really enjoy having visitors at the Capitol.

It’s nice to have people from home come for a visit, so remember that the welcome mat is always out here at the statehouse.

I have also appreciated the e-mails and phone calls I have received from many of you. Contact me any time you have questions or concerns.

Senator Rita Hart represents Clinton County and northern Scott County in the Iowa Senate.