The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

February 28, 2013

How economic development benefits you

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — Since 1953, the Clinton region has supported an organization responsible for retaining existing industry and recruiting new businesses.

Clinton Regional Development Corp. carries the economic development tradition and takes our responsibility very seriously.

We are dedicated to playing a leadership role in aggressively driving economic vitality and sustainable business development in the region. Your support allows us to do our job more effectively.

No matter in which community throughout our region you live, work or play, our efforts favorably impact you: new businesses, high-quality jobs and investment benefit everyone.

Your investment supports:

• Relationship building

• Communications

• Grant writing

• Support of regional projects

• Legislative support

• Sales & marketing efforts and recruitment trips

• Response to RFPs

• Follow-up on leads

Facts about development

• New quality jobs mean more families with better income to contribute to the overall economy.

• New payroll dollars buy goods, services, homes, cars and so much more, increasing taxable income.

• Economic growth attracts skilled, qualified workers providing more choices for employers.

• Economic growth spreads the current tax burden.

• Schools, state, and local government and cultural activities prosper, providing for an improved quality-of-life.

• An improved quality-of-life will attract more retail, services and cultural activities to the Greater Clinton Region.

• Existing business and industry benefits from a quality workforce, healthy local economy, good quality of life; 75 percent of all economic growth comes from prosperity of existing industry.

Thank you for your continued support of economic development efforts in Clinton and surrounding communities.

Karen Mallinger,

Marketing Research, Specialist Clinton Regional Development Corp.