The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 7, 2013

Reader's Letter: Accountability should be in the city's vision

The Clinton Herald

---- — I had to laugh to myself (Sept. 3) when I read the article about our city’s future. Apparently our city has now come up with a “vision” of our city.

The article stated, “The purpose of developing a vision, mission statement and values is to provide a framework to guide decisions made on the part of the city’s elected officials and staff.”

One of the proposed “vision” statements? “The city of Clinton takes pride in providing a great number of services to our citizens in an accessible, accountable, and responsive manner.”

I guess they want us to forget about who was accountable for the mistake of not knowing how to bill for garbage “tips.” What services does the city provide that we citizens don’t pay for? Even if we don’t use the service?

The “mission” statements were all about the city of Clinton providing strong leadership. I would guess that the majority of Clintons citizens would like to see our council thrown out on their ears.

The final paragraph says, “The proposed values include teamwork, honesty, transparency, service-orientation, consensus and cooperation, integrity, commitment and loyalty, ethic, resilience and perserverence, diversity, enviromental stewardship and safety.”

Honesty? Transparency? Who wants to be honest and transparent about the medicare billing fiasco? Anyone? We couldn’t even get the council to hold an “open door session” about that.

Ethics? How about you go talk to the Bices who are having their own property near Eagle Point Park taken away from them. The city had a chance to buy it, but didn’t want it.

Why do you think you need it now? Preserverence? Yep. I’ll give you that. You just keep pushing until you get what you want.

With elections coming up, I sure hope that the citizens of Clinton do their homework before going to the polls. It is time that the word, “accountable,” is explained to our city council.

Becky Graves,