The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 30, 2012

READER'S LETTER: Good day in Clinton

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — Good things come in 3’s. The other day we were shopping in Clinton. We met a nice young man at Home Depot named Kyle.

He was very helpful and had a good knowledge of the product he was selling. Then we went to WalMart and decided to do lunch at Subway.

We were having trouble getting our milk bottles open and this nice young man opened them for us. So on the way home we stopped at the Phillips 66 gas station in Lyons to get gas.

A nice young man came out and pumped our gas and even washed our windshield. We read so much in the papers about crime and the bad things people do. I think we also need to hear about the good people. Thanks to our three angels of 9/12/12. We appreciate your kindness and will pay it forward.

Arthur Getz,

Savanna, Ill.