The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 22, 2013

Protect our park for the future generations

The Clinton Herald

---- — The opportunity for the city of Clinton to have an affordable healthcare facility for our residents is fabulous.

It will certainly provide healthcare to many of our people who aren’t receiving it, for one reason or another, at this time. We can only thank those who are working to make this opportunity happen.

However, putting a healthcare building in the Clinton Park parking lot is less than sensible. In 1855 the Iowa Land Company gave to the city a wonderful gift of two beautiful parks in the downtown area. In 1958 those parks were divided in half to promote the growth of our downtown. Yet today the parks are continuously used in many ways by many people including the city of Clinton, which uses the DeWitt Park as its very own parking lot.

It would seem that the decision to put the healthcare building in Clinton Park that will affect so many people would have been proposed in a way that the community would have had the opportunity to offer input. Instead we find ourselves in the position of being run over by a fast moving truck.

People are scrambling to understand why this decision was made by a very few in City Hall without asking for public opinion. The fact that the administration of the city has presented the public with erroneous facts is not a good thing. Protecting the history of our city for the generations who will follow us is a good thing.

Janice Hansen,