The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 10, 2013

How the MBAEA is supporting schools

The Clinton Herald

---- — The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency is supporting schools with the implementation of the Iowa Core Mathematics and English language arts standards.

This support consists of professional development learning opportunities that span across the AEA’s boundaries in supporting cross-district collaboration.

These professional development sessions help teachers to understand how these new set of standards raise the rigor of what students should be able to know and do.

AEA consultants help teachers plan lessons, visit classrooms to observe Iowa Core lessons being implemente, and provide timely feedback to the teachers. Teacher testimonies are provided below:

• “The Iowa Core Math training offered by the AEA has made me think more about the value of numbers and understanding conceptually the meaning behind this. This has in turn transferred to students thinking about numbers in a ‘new’ way. I don’t just think about the process anymore, I understand the process and how to teach that to kids.” Teacher, Calamus-Wheatland

• “Teachers need to study the standards in great depth and observe model lessons that meet the rigor that is addressed within the Core. The model lessons help teachers gain the pedagogical skills necessary to apply their knowledge of the standards to their own teaching. The final ingredients are consistent feedback, discussion, and reflection concerning the lessons taught using the standards.” –Teacher, Central

Our work at MBAEA is focused on improving learning for all students. We are committed to supporting teachers in partnership with local schools to develop high academic achievement for each and every student.

William J. Decker, Chief Administrator, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

Nicole Peterson, Head of Staff Development, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency