The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 20, 2012

Reader will vote for Romney

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — I am a happy-go-lucky but very scared older guy voting for Mitt Romney because of the direction this administration is taking our country.

We have a $16 trillion debt that is growing daily under this president, very high unemployment numbers (which numbers don’t include those not looking for work) and 48 million people on food stamps. The average household yearly income has dropped over $4,000 and family health insurance has increased over $2,500.

This administration gives money to foreign countries to explore oil yet won’t allow exploration of oil in our country gives financial aid to countries who hate us, has a habit of interfering in states’ rights when they don’t serve its purposes, discourages small business growth with Obamacare demands and increased taxes, has the lowest percentage (17 percent) of members with business experience of any Cabinet, has not produced a budget both parties can agree on (this year submitting a budget that did not get a single vote from either party) and wants to reduce our military to a second-rate power.

This president bows to foreign leaders and when asked why he wouldn’t wear an American flag lapel pin he replied he didn’t want to offend anyone. Mitt Romney has proven himself as a leader. As governor of Massachusetts he inherited the country’s 50th worse economy and in four years moved it to 28th, worked with a state legislature that was 85 percent Democratic to eliminate a $3 brillion deficit and made it first in education.

He helped save the 2002 Winter Olympics from mismanagement and corruption and took no compensation.

He gave his inheritance to charity and built his own fortune, the American dream. In 2011 he paid 14 percent on $15 million of income ($2 million) and gave over $4 million to charity, claiming only half as a charitable deduction.

That’s 40 percent of his income. People may say I am racist not supporting our current leader. I am not. I would support many black patriotic Americans, not because they are black, because they are people who love this country and have only its best interest at heart.

I can’t support a president who leads our country from behind down a path of destruction. This is the most critical election of my lifetime that is why I am voting for Mitt Romney. Why arent’ you?

Dick Voda,