The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 30, 2012

Clinton resident writes to show his support for Naeve

Letter to the Editor

CLINTON — I’ve gotten to know Andrew Naeve over the last few years.  He was introduced to me through a mutual friend.

I’ve been really impressed with Andrew and his ideas for making Iowa a better place to live.  He brings valuable experience to the table that his opponent doesn’t have:

• He has youthful energy with fresh ideas

• Small business owner

• Supports the best ideas, not party ideas

I don’t know anyone that works harder than Andrew.  He gets a full day’s work in by the time other people are taking a late lunch.  He then proceeds to spend the remainder of the day out in the community knocking on doors, getting to know the people of this district.  Andrew has knocked on thousands of doors, many more than once because he has a passion for the people of this great state and wants to understand their questions and concerns.

Andrew has more experience then many candidates twice his age.  He has been involved in the community as a coach and school board member as well as part of the Farm Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.  I also like that Andrew has been exposed to ideas from the best education available in this country.  He can bring a fresh perspective to the State Senate instead of the same old tried and failed plans of the past.

As a business owner Andrew has to watch every penny to make sure that there isn’t any waste in his business and he has the same goals as the Budget Watchdog heading to the Senate.

Andrew isn’t committed to the party line.  Andrew is committed to the best ideas for Iowans and the future of this state.  

We need people with Andrew’s experience, intelligence, youth and work ethic running our state.

Patrick Lonergan,