The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

July 31, 2013

Local group seeks responsible gun ownership

The Clinton Herald

---- — With reference to the article, “Time to end ignorance on guns” by columnist Mary Sanchez (Clinton Herald June 26), I would like to introduce your readers to a newly formed group that deals with this important subject.

FARGO (Freedom for All: Responsible Gun Ownership) was organized earlier this year by a group of concerned citizens in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

We are dedicated to changing awareness and legislation regarding the manufacture and ownership of guns and ammunitions, mental health issues and our culture as they affect gun violence in our schools and in our communities. We are acutely aware of the rights as guaranteed in the Second Amendment of our Constitution; many in our group are gun owners themselves, some are members of the NRA.

It is our intention to clarify the rights of all American citizens in their efforts “to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” The Constitution speaks for all of us, guarantees that our children can attend school, that teens can gather on sidewalks, that citizens can drive their cars, go to their jobs, shop for groceries, pursue their dreams — all without fear of death by illegally owned guns.

Therefore it is not our intention to take away anyone’s legally owned guns. It is our hope to safeguard the rights of all citizens to live their lives in peace. In the best efforts to education ourselves FARGO has been studying statistics and current legislation and has hosted a variety of speakers on topics regarding mental health, crime in our city, new protocols for safety in our schools and recent changes in legislation with guest speakers Capt. Bill Greenwalt of the Clinton Police Department; Dr. Derek Grimmell, practicing psychologist; John Jorgensen, director of curriculum for the Clinton Community Schools; Iowa State Representative Mary Wolfe; and Iowa State Senator Rita Hart. FARGO meets at 6 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 715 S. Third St. and welcomes all who share our concerns and want to join us in working for peace and justice. For more information call 242-6977 or visit

Marcia Lass, Coordinator, FARGO