The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

June 7, 2013

Project ordinances should have end dates

The Clinton Herald

---- — The sewer tax rates in this city of Clinton are extremely high, and they will increase even more. We have been led to believe that the cause of this cost is due to state and federal mandates, EPA regulations, etc., so the city has no choice but to complete the work which is necessary to comply with those standards. I can accept that and help to foot the bill for these changes.

But the increase in my sewer bill should be only for the period of time it takes to pay off the loans, charges, etc. for these specific charges.

The increase should not be a permanent charge that is constantly collected for the next 100 years or forever once it is on the books.

There should be an end date to these additional charges. This end date is known now. Whenever the loans mature is the end date. And, if in the life of the loan, some grants become available for the sewer upgrades,

that amount should be reduced from the citizens’ bills.

There needs to be more work done to collect presently unpaid bills by what I will call “freeloaders,” whether they be renters, landlords, businesses or whatever. It is just plain wrong that the law-abiding bill-paying citizens of this community are asked to shoulder the burden for these charges. In some cases the freeloaders are millionares.

So, city council, when you write the laws for all future sewer increases make sure that said ordinance contains the end date for such increase.

It should expire on a known date. Do not leave it open ended so the city can have millions extra to spend for any pet projects they may have after the sewer updates are paid off.

Arnold Meyermann,