The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

June 8, 2013

Easton Valley board is right to fight whole grade-sharing agreement

Letter to the Editor
The Clinton Herald

---- — The Easton Valley School District is open for business.

While this new school district has had to endure some trials and tribulations in getting to this point, the future looks great. We have a great working relationship with two school districts. Both Andrew and Maquoketa community school districts have exhibited professionalism and a willingness to work with others. May these relationships prosper.

Currently the Northeast School District has embarked in a lawsuit against the newly formed Easton Valley. The Easton Valley School District is defending itself vigorously. Recently the director from the Department of Education made a statement in regard to the pending lawsuit.

The following is a public response from Jeff Berger, who is the deputy director of the Department of Education. He responded to a inquiry regarding the role of the East Central Board and the new Easton Valley Board.

“One Board cannot bind another by its actions. This (Easton Valley) is a restart once consolidation occurs, so anything done prior ceases to carry forward unless the new board agrees. There is little you can do now if they are disposed to take certain actions, but the new board must agree with the prior action. It would be advisable, if there is an issue that is contentious, for the new board to review the prior board’s actions to determine if they continue to support the plan put in place. There is no way the current boards can commit to anything beyond June 30th (end of the East Central School District) and have that automatically ‘stick’, but it will likely take action by the new board to adjust it.”

This is another example of why the Easton Valley Board has taken action of refusing to agree to the Whole Grade Sharing agreement. Easton Valley was never in such a agreement. Also it is of my opinion, this egregious lawsuit further isolates the Northeast School District from the Easton Valley School District for any future opportunity to share and cooperate in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Ronald Regenwether,