The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 16, 2013

Reader: Why is council being secretive?

The Clinton Herald

---- — After reading the article about the Citizens For Open Government lawsuit against the City of Clinton over their closed council meetings concerning the EMS scandal, I'm sure I'm not the only Clintonian that wants to know what the facts are.

Why does this have to be so secretive? Tell me if I'm wrong but my understanding is:

1. Someone working for the city turned in false medical claims to the feds.

2. The city council admitted it.

3. The city council agreed to a deal to pay back millions to the feds.

4. The city is now suing the lawyer they hired to broker the deal with the feds.

5. The city council asked their attorney David Pillers to fire the persons thought responsible.

6. The people fired got their jobs back because they didn't break any rules or laws?

7. And everything has to be kept secret because no one is responsible and we wouldn't want to tarnish anyones reputation or look stupid.

8. The taxpayers of Clinton are stuck paying millions for no one's mistake.

9. Our city is broke, we have to cut back on services and can't afford to maintain our infrastructure.

Did I miss anything? Am I the only one that can't make any sense of this?

Chris Kaffenberger,