The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 14, 2013

City Council should adjust 'cadillac' policy

The Clinton Herald

---- — At the last City Council meeting I listened to the city council explain why the city public employees are entitled to a “Cadillac Health Insurance Program” with the city paying around $2,000 per employee each month with no deductible, no co-pay and not contribution for the employee.

Now is the time, with Obama Care starting, that we adjust this “Cadillac” policy so that it is the same as all of the rest of the taxpayers in Clinton. The city’s current health care coverage is outrageous. This health care amounts to $24,000 per person each year — more than the yearly income of most people in Clinton.

On top of this our public employees get top notch wages and a Cadillac Pension Program. Why didn’t our city council and city administrator stand up and look out for the taxpayer?

I see Mr. Rowland was the only one who suggested that the employees pay 2 percent per year up to 10 percent in five years. We have elections coming up in November and all of these city council people who supported this outlandish program should be replaced.

Remember, they should be working for the taxpayers. Also during that council meeting a member of the fire department said “if you try to implement a 2 percent increase to the public employees plan, we will have it overturned in arbitration.”

We also need to replace every employee who does not respect the citizens of Clinton who are paying the bills. Taxpayers in Clinton need to be thinking about the future and who they want to lead us and who we should have as respectful employees.

The city council is giving away money that they do not have, and the attitude of the city employees is “We Are Entitled.”

Melissa Klemme,