The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 18, 2013

LEVINE: City makes right move

By Scott Levine
Herald Associate Editor

---- — The city of Clinton got it right Wednesday.

In case you missed it, the City Council approved large-item pickup to begin Monday for the city. It’s a move many residents are happy to see, and was helped by At-Large Councilwoman Jennifer Graf’s persistence on the issue.

She has been a vocal supporter of the service since discussions began in March when the city reviewed the pickup’s future. She helped bring the measure back to the full council to review after representatives rejected large-item pickup last week.

No matter how long this took, the move made by the council and city officials was the right thing to do. Residents pay for this service, and although the pickup is just a minor blip on the budget radar, it is a tangible service that many residents depend on each year.

It’s the little things that help change perception. Residents’ views on City Hall don’t generate warm, fuzzy feelings, so any little thing the city can do for its residents is a welcomed sight, and could possibly help change those attitudes. I can rehash my thoughts on the absurdity that this measure had to come to this, but in the end, the city didn’t care about personal attitudes regarding large-item pickup.

I believe in getting the right answer in any situation, no matter how long it takes. And Wednesday’s answer was the right one.

As Graf has mentioned, the city made a promise to its citizens, and now that promise is being kept.

And that’s all the citizens have wanted. Now the city not only is supporting the measure this year, but has a date for next year. Already, the communication has improved since I wrote about this last week, and I’m hoping that will continue.

Hopefully the trend of working toward the betterment of its residents is something the city will continue to do now and after the Nov. 5 election.


Election season is heating up.

The candidate forum was held Thursday, and profiles will be in the Clinton Herald soon, detailing each participant in every race in Clinton and Camanche.

Before filling out your ballot, get to know the candidates. There are plenty of avenues to find out more information on the candidates, whether it be through newspaper, radio or simply seeking them out. Be informed before you vote, and remember, every vote matters.

Weekly picks

Last week was a little rough with eight losses, going 17-8. That’s not great when only picking winners, especially since some are giveaways, like anyone playing Alabama.

This week, I have the opportunity of picking Iowa State vs. Baylor. The spread is 33 points, and I like my chances with the Cyclones on that one. Other than not losing by almost five touchdowns, I’m not sure if the Cyclones will be in that game, especially since Baylor’s offense scores on pretty much anyone.

The Hawks start a tough stretch Saturday, too. Ohio State needs style points to get into the top part of the BCS standings, so watch out if the tide gets rolling toward the Buckeyes, because they need big wins from here on out.

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Arkansas vs. Alabama; Georgia vs. Vanderbilt; Auburn vs. Texas A&M; LSU vs. Ole Miss; Oklahoma vs. Kansas; South Carolina vs. Tennessee; Minnesota vs. Northwestern; Iowa State vs. Baylor; Florida vs. Missouri; Texas Tech vs. West Virginia; TCU vs. Oklahoma State; Maryland vs. Wake Forest; Syracuse vs. Georgia Tech; Purdue vs. Michigan State; Army vs. Temple; Old Dominion vs. Pittsburgh; BYU vs. Houston; Duke vs. Virginia; UConn vs. Cincinnati; Iowa vs. Ohio State; Indiana vs. Michigan; Massachusetts vs. Buffalo; North Texas vs. Louisiana Tech; USC vs. Notre Dame; Wisconsin vs. Illinois.

Scott Levine is the Associate Editor of the Clinton Herald. He can be reached at