The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 2, 2013

Reader adds to candidate information

The Clinton Herald

---- — I am writing this to inform the public that two of the five people running for at-large seats left out vital information about their education, experience and background in Wednesday’s Clinton Herald.

Andrew Luett works for Iowa-American Water. It states it in the Clinton Herald, page 2A, Friday, Sept. 20.

Jennifer Graf did not list anything about her family background. She also did not list that she is co-president of the YWCA. In other Clinton Heralds she has said that she is on the Bridgeview Board and also the landfill board. I would like to know why these were not listed so voters would know more about them. In the past, Iowa American Water has donated money to the YWCA and Art Under the Stars.

Jeff Medinger,


Graf does her research

We are voting for Jennifer Graf for council at large because she is intelligent, caring and fair.

When there is a problem she researches it thoroughly before making her decisions. She speaks her mind with facts to back them up. One of several examples of her representing all the citizens of Clinton is her getting the fall big pickups approved because the citizens of Clinton had already paid for it.

We have had good representation from the City Council. Where we ran into problems is with department heads. Most of that is gone thanks to people like Jennifer and other council members. We will miss Charlie Mulholland, he worked hard for the citizens.

Bonnie and Harvey Evers,


Former councilman disappointed with council’ votes

Long-time councilman and former one-term Mayor Darrell Smith and I agree that these past four years have been an absolute disaster for the good tax- paying citizens and our misguided city council.

Mayor Mark Vulich was called out for his multiple vetoes but many people have not taken the time to figure out that he was questioning a bad decision. We have a City Council that says they have business experience and common sense, but have yet to display much of either.

Selling the municipal dock is a good example. That scarce river terminal was Clinton’s first revenue-producing asset, bringing in $300,000 per year. I spoke against the sale at audience comment and as soon as that portion of the meeting was over Councilmember Jennifer Graf had to reaffirm with the city attorney the number of votes she needed to prevent any veto on the decision. She got her answer, made a motion to sell the municipal dock and got the necessary votes. We all wonder where those proceeds are today but I am sure they are no doubt spent and forgotten except for the $62,000 that was recently mentioned in the paper.

This is a huge loss to the city of Clinton! I could almost have cried. We have some bullying going on for those who say the Mayor does not have a right to have an opinion or a veto or enter into any discussion at a meeting.

They should read section 3.4 of the Home Rule Charter, Clinton, Iowa. The Mayor is not getting the respect the position calls for. He is elected by all the voting citizens of Clinton, not by the City Council or any members who chose to show everyone their lack of civility.

As a councilman, I was Clinton’s representative on the Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency for four years. (I prefer to call it the dump.) Councilmember Graf’s attempt to save $130,000 or more at the dump was and is not a noble gesture. Ask the Camanche representative and he will tell you that Camanche and other smaller municipalities in Clinton County are not willing to take a hit because Clinton has spent all their money and can’t afford the per capita rate. I was always very sensitive about this stacked vote with the smaller communities. Let me explain this stacked vote based on population: Clinton has 27 votes, CLinton County 9 votes, DeWitt 6 votes, Camanche 5 votes, all other towns or municipalities 1 vote for each for a total of 58 votes. It takes a two-thirds majority to pass anything. The present per capita rates were voted in and approved about nine years ago. Former councilman and mayor Rodger Holm was our representative at that time. The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency is fiscally responsible and doing well at this time and they also don’t need to take a hit due to the fact that Clinton is out of money. It doesn’t take much of this to look like a bully tactic.

It’s not much fun when the money is all gone. However the more you give them the more they will spend and want more. I am going to vote no on both referendums and encourage you to also vote no unless you don’t mind tax increases. I’m voting for Tom Determann and Grant Wilke for at large. However you choose to vote, get to the polls and vote.

Ron Mallicoat is a former Clinton city councilman.