The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

January 21, 2013

READER'S LETTER: Good men need to lead in the community

Letter to the Editor

CAMANCHE — As a pastor, I probably see more of the devastation caused by the lack of male leadership in society than most.

As we see teens committing suicide at an alarming rate, it has caused me to stop and begin rethinking my role as a pastor.

Like so many, I get to thinking, what can I do? I probably believe like most folks, that there isn’t much I can do by myself. That is very true.

However, when I look at it from a Biblical perspective, I find that with God all things are possible. As I continued my thought process, I started imagining what could be done if it wasn’t just me.

What if there were more men that had the same thought? Recently, I talked with the divorced mother of a young boy whose relationship with his father is not nearly what it could be, and it was causing behavioral problems in this young man.

This concerned mother said she wished she could find a good Christian man to help her son see what it is like to be a Christian. Many of us are taken up with sports, politics, guns and any number of other diversions. As I continued to ponder the whole situation of children with problems, I started thinking that it is not a problem that the child has asked for or wanted.

It is a problem forced on the child by a permissive and phony society. We blame the schools, the mothers, the fathers, the government or anything or anyone that in our mind we are able to project the blame onto.

With that being said, I am going to borrow a phrase from the USMC. I am looking for a “few good men.” If our goal is to make a better America, what better way to start than with the young men who need role models?

Atheists, sissies, or wimps, need not apply. This is a job for the man who knows and serves God. This is a job that requires a man after God’s own heart. A man willing to sacrifice for the sake of another soul that God loves and cares about what happens to him.

It only takes 3 percent of a willing and committed society to change a culture.

Are you willing to help make that change, one life at a time?

Pastor Paul R. Willis,