The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 25, 2012

Clinton School District looks toward the future

By Katie Dahlstrom
Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — Jefferson Elementary School Principal Bonnie Freitag and her staff members presented current and future strategies for helping students who are having academic difficulties to the Clinton School Board’s Committee of the Whole on Monday evening.

The response to intervention or RTI process is a cutting edge tool implemented in three tiers, Freitag and her staff explained.  

“It really is a collaboration of team members at Jefferson,” Freitag said.

Students are evaluated to determine if they need  extra, more intensive instruction. All students at Jefferson are evaluated four times a year and are then further evaluated if they are determined to need intervention on any of the three tiers, with tier three being the most intensive level.

This system allows intervention to begin as soon as an academic deficit is discovered.  

Jefferson currently uses the program in reading and will be launching the program in math soon.

“We are excited, but we’re nervous,” Freitag said. “In that, we are ready to implement the universal screening, we’re ready to do tier one, tier two, tier three and at the same time, math is a little more seemingly complicated.”

In addition to learning about the RTI program at Jefferson, the board was able to discuss the goals and data of each school with their respective principals during the meeting Monday night.

District Curriculum Director John Jorgensen allowed the board members 15 minutes to visit displays that have information about the buildings.

The boards will ultimately be set up in the Administration Center as well as the buildings they belong to.  

The goals and data outlined several areas including math, science, reading, behavior and attendance.

In other business, the Committee of the Whole approved a change to meet at the District Administration Center for the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year.  

The board previously met in the Clinton High School Library, but due to a change in the use of that facility, sought another meeting location.