The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 11, 2013

Clinton School Board: 2 incumbents, 2 newcomers

Gettes, Evers, Obren, Wenzel earn 4-year terms

By Amy Kent
Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — After a hard fought race and a close final tally, two Clinton School Board candidates, one of them an incumbent, were disappointed after the results of Tuesday night’s elections did not sway in their favor.

“I’m shocked, but it will be OK,” current school board member Missey Sullivan-Pope said. “I think the people who were voted will do a great job.”

Her other two incumbent running mates, Gregg Obren and Jack Wenzel, however, were able to retain their seats at the Clinton School Board table for another four years.

“I knew it would be a close race. There were a lot of good people running in this election,” said Obren, former board president. “I’m honored that people think that I can still do a good job.”

Wenzel also felt honored after hearing the news Tuesday night as he traveled home from cheering on his daughter and the Clinton High School volleyball team to a victory against Davenport Central.

“I’m happy and I want to thank everybody that came out and supported me,” Wenzel said. “The voters did their part now I need to do my part.”

Wenzel wasn’t the only one to receive the news after the Clinton High volleyball victory.

Newcomer Eric Gettes continued his cheers after learning of his 627 votes, the highest-voted candidate of the 2013 elections, assuring his spot on the school board.

“I am very excited and thrilled to be elected to the school board. I can’t thank the people enough who voted for me and helped with my campaign,” Gettes said. “I am excited to get started and to making the Clinton School District the best place to be.”

Fellow newcomer Dana Evers said she felt strongly about her chances in the election and is excited to take on the upcoming school year.

“I knew that Eric and I had a good chance, just because we know so many educators,” Evers said. “Honestly, I’m just really looking forward to getting down to work.”

Eunice M. Schexnyer-Short fell just shy on her first campaign attempt for the 2013 election, but said this will not be her last.

“What can I say? The ones that were meant to be there, got it. There were a lot of good candidates and we all ran a good race,” Schexnyer-Short said. “I want to thank the people that supported me and the people who encouraged me to run. (But) this is just the beginning of things for me.”