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Tom Hill never minded talking about his service in World War II or what he experienced the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces. In fact, he often wishes more people would have asked him about his story.

  • By Dan Lamothe | The Washington Post
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MESA, Ariz. - The storage unit's corrugated metal door slid upward, revealing 100 square feet of mostly empty space. Not very promising, thought Joe Alosi, a businessman who bid on units, sight unseen, when tenants stopped paying the rent. Several plastic bins sat in the middle of the floor, and dust billowed as Alosi peeled off the first lid.

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CLINTON — U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley’s regional director Penny Vacek will hold office hours in Clinton and Jackson counties.

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(RNN) – The 101st Airborne is the first unit to receive the M17 and M18 pistols that will become the standard sidearm for the U.S. Army. The new pistol will replace the M9 Beretta, which has been the service’s primary handgun since 1986.

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  • By Jacqueline Covey

CLINTON — Shoppers who have been in Hy-Vee since Veterans Day may have noticed a brightly painted, U.S. Flag-esque tree, near the Starbucks entrance.

  • By Cheryl Mullenbach

When Ira Lepper died in January 1908 a Sioux City newspaper claimed he was the last surviving son of a veteran of the American Revolution in I…