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Mailing Address

221 6th Avenue South

P.O. Box 2961

Clinton, IA 52733-2961


General Contact Numbers

Phone: (563) 242-7101

Fax News/Display: (563) 242-7147


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Ext. 142, Ron Gutierrez, Publisher

Ext. 120, Vicki Marquez, Advertising Bookkeeper

Ext. 104 Heather Keegan

Ext. 0, Switchboard



Ext. 149




News Department

Ext. 155, Charlene Bielema, Editor

Ext. 149, Scott Levine, Associate Editor

Ext. 152, Nathan Blake, Digital Content Editor

Ext. 143, Jake Mosbach, Staff Writer

Ext. 126, John Rohlf, Staff Writer

Ext. 148, Jacqueline Covey, Staff Writer

Ext. 146, Rachael Keating, Photographer



Sports Department

Ext. 125, Jon Gremmels, Sports Editor

Ext. 154, Carie Kuehn, Assistant Sports Editor


Display Advertising

Display Advertising Department

Ext. 131, Kathy Huizenga, Account Executive

Ext. 132, Kevin Temperly, Account Executive

Ext. 117, Kindra Pederson, Digital Marketing Executive

Ext. 127, Kayla Horton, Account Executive

Ext. 105, Tabitha Larson, Account Executive

Ext. 141, Shanelle Yahn

Ext. 115, Stephen Peters


Classified Advertising

Ext. 122, Sherri Enwright, Classified Manager

Ext. 103, Pam Reedy, Assistant



Legal Notices



Ext. 111, Steve Waldorf, Circulation Director

Ext. 109, Crystal Angulo, District Manager



Ext. 112, Chris Mussmann, Product Manager

Ext. 124, Mailroom