Exciting roll-offs in Clinton tournament

Carie Kuehn/Clinton HeraldBecca Noone reacts to praise in the fourth game of the Terrific 12 roll-off at the Plaza Bowl on Saturday. Noone won the women’s high division with a 918 series.

CLINTON — The Sweet 16 and Terrific 12 roll offs that are the culmination of Clinton City Tournament proved to be exciting on Saturday with some close finishes and historic moments.

The women’s side ended with a tight finish. Becca Noone was the one who ended up on top.

“It was scary,” Noone said after it was all said and done. “It’s my first time being here and I knew I was going up against some pretty good women bowlers.”

Noone is from Freeport and was participating in Clinton City Tournament for the first time this year, advancing to the Terrific 12.

“I started out low with a 200, I had to loosen up and everything the first game,” Noone said. “I was 22 pins under, not a bad start. Then I rolled a 230, 240 and I knew I had a chance I was only 10 pins out going into the fourth game. I knew this was going to get really intense.”

Everybody was watching as Noone, Donna Lawrence and Eileen Carlson bowled the tenth frame. After Lawrence left pins standing in the second throw, Noone knew she would take the victory. She finished with a score of 918 while Lawrence finished just three pins behind her.

She was happy to see the competition she was going against at the Plaza Bowl on Saturday.

“I never realized how much talent there was here,” Noone said. “I bowl in the men’s league out in Freeport because that’s where all the competition is. Out here, these women know how to bowl.”

The women weren’t the only ones with an exciting roll-off Saturday.

It was a heck of a finish,” Dan Gifford said about the men’s open. Gifford finished just nine pins behind the leader. “For the first time in the history of Clinton’s Sweet 16 we had a tie at the end of the regular four games.”

At the end of the four game, Josh Luckritz and Chris Graves found themselves tied at 963. The members of the Clinton Bowling Association had to meet and figure out what to do because they had never once found themselves in this situation before.

It was decided that they would bowl a ninth and tenth frame. In those frames, Luckritz came out on top with 58 compared to Graves’ 44.

“It was just an exciting day,” Gifford said.


Terrific 12 High

1. Becca Noone — 918

2. Donna Lawrence — 915

3. Eileen Carlson — 850

4. Cheryl Everson — 826

5. Petra Wilke — 794

6. Pam Shepherd — 765

6. Tami Lampe — 765

Terrific 12 Low

1. Dawn Wright — 805

2. Shauna Hill — 744

3. Kathy Konopka — 742

4. Bev Goodsman — 672

5. Jolene Champion — 654

6. Kay Hake — 640

Open Sweet 16

1. Josh Luckritz — 963 (+58)

2. Chris Graves — 963 (+44)

3. Dan Gifford — 954)

4. Anthony Matroni — 949

5. Dave Reinhart — 930

6. Mike Pelham — 921

6. Johnathan Stolts — 921

Booster Sweet 16

1. Jon Bennet — 807

2. Brain Ray — 794

3. Mark Smith — 791

4. Denny Ytzen — 769

5. Denny Stoddard — 757

6. George Chaney — 749

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