FULTON, Ill. — Fulton’s Chloe Lindeman is willing to go that extra mile to be the best at her field events.

This weekend, it was a few hundred miles to New York, where she participated in the Hershey’s Youth National Indoor Championship for the second year in a row.

In the 15-16-year old level last year, Lindeman broke the meet record for all age brackets in the shot put, winning the meet. This year in the 17-18-year old level, she came back and won the meet again.

“For me, it’s so I can get the extra work in and I can get more exposure,” Lindeman said. “I really want those exposure levels going into a big college like I’m hoping to.”

She didn’t quit there. Lindeman then moved on to take part in the New Balance National Indoor Meet.

“We heard it was a bigger meet and I really wanted to try it out so we signed up last minute and it ended up going well,” Lindeman said.

Although she found herself nervous with the meet setup and the new competition, she threw 47-02.5 to take third overall, narrowly missing the runner-up position.

“This is the first time, I would say, where I competed against people who were very, very competitive in my age division,” Lindeman said. “It was an aggressive kind of meet because of how much was going on and how good the competition really was.”

Placing at a national level was a big deal, but getting that close to her personal best this early in her junior season might have been even more exciting.

“I am pretty excited knowing that I set up a really good season,” Lindeman said.“Also, knowing how much this could help me in the future it gets me really excited for the rest of the season, next year and so on.”

Her personal best at Fulton High School is 47-07.

“She basically picked up this year where she ended up last year,” Fulton track coach Tim Wessels said. “Most athletes it takes about halfway through the season before they get back to last year’s stuff. She’s already there.”

He said that Chloe’s self-determination is part of what has set her apart in the field events at the prep level.

“She’s so easy to coach. She’s determined to get to winning state, she’s determined to get there, she’s determined to get to 50-feet and she’s going to keep pushing herself until she gets there and beyond,” Wessels said. “Everything she does is so fast, powerful, quick. Guys look at her and go ‘woah’.”

Lindeman is now looking forward to making her third trip to indoor state as a Steamer. She placed second in the state last year.

“I’m really excited,” Lindeman said.

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