CLINTON — Samantha Brisch knew she had to be aggressive, even on her indoor home court.

Brisch won her singles match 8-1, and No. 2 singles player Justine Lange won 8-3 on Saturday at the Clinton Invitational. The meet was moved to the Ashford Tennis Complex because of the possibility of rainy weather. 

"It was great playing indoors today because everybody else had rain today and didn't get to play, and we got to go inside," Clinton Coach Cindy Rasche said. 

Both Brisch and Lange had to fend off opponents from Waterloo Columbus, which ended up winning the meet. Columbus took titles in each of the last seven flights. The River Queens claimed second place.

"I started putting stuff away (in the finals) more than I did in the last match," Brisch said. "I've been playing more conservative the last few games, so hitting it hard and putting it away was better."

Brisch is ranked 24th overall in Iowa in singles play, according to

"She was really starting to hit the ball, so that was good," Rasche said. 

Brisch teamed up with Riley Hubbart in the No. 1 doubles flight and lost in the championship match 8-5 to Columbus's Olivia Fain and Maggie Weber. The River Queen duo is ranked 11th in the state by

But, Brisch liked the adjustments that she's been making over the last few days. 

"I was really aggressive at the net, and that's something I don't usually do, and that was good for me," Brisch said. "I can still be playing a little harder than where I'm at right now."

Rasche also suggested that Lange, who defeated Karlee Sinnott 8-3 in the No. 2 singles title, make some modifications to her game. 

"I needed to hit with more power and more pace," Lange said. "I tried to hit harder shots; that's how I won the majority of my points today. I think it paid off."

In her finals match against Sinnott, Lange tried to hit more forehand shots that the Columbus sophomore couldn't get to. 

"It's never easy to hit a hard shot," Lange said. "Everyone 's got a level of efficiency at each thing, and mine just happened to be power."

Columbus had a 5-1 record entering Saturday, with its only loss coming against Waterloo West.

"Columbus had some very hard opponents," Lange said. "It was a lot like Pleasant Valley to see people that are better than us, and it always makes us better. It's nice to win, but it's better to battle and earn your win over getting an 8-0 victory." 

Lange was Clinton's eighth-best singles player a year ago, and in just a span of a year, the River Queen sophomore has jumped six spots. 

"She worked hard over the summer, and spent a lot of hours at tennis," Rasche said. "She has a great first serve, she's a great baseline player, and we're looking for her to get in the net more."

Even though Columbus swept the doubles portion of the day, the River Queens had a team in the championship match in each of the three flights. 


Team standings

1. Waterloo Columbus 22; 2. Clinton 13; 3. Clinton JV 5, 3. Ottumwa 3, 5. Burlington 4.

Individual results


No. 1 — Semifinals: Samantha Brisch (Cli) def. Caroline Carlson (Ott) 8-2; Maggie Weber (Col) def. Ali Whisenant (Bur) 8-3. Championship: Brisch def. Weber 8-1.

No. 2 — Semifinals: Justine Lange (Cli) def. Roxanne Zeledan (Ott) 8-1; Karlee Sinnott (Col) def. Lauren Calvin (Bur) 8-4. Championship: Lange def. Sinnott 8-4.

No. 3 — Semifinals: Riley Hubbart (Cli) def. Michaela Maxwell (Bur) 8-3; Breanne Eighme (Col) def. Rachel Zingg (Ott) 8-1. Championship: Eighme def. Hubbart 8-2.

No. 4 — Semifinals: Frannie Roche (Col) def. Brianna Wittkamp (Bur) 8-1; Elley Housenga (Cli) def. Kaelen Whitlow (Ott) 8-3. Championship — Roche def. Housenga 8-2.

No. 5 — Semifinals: Haley Cannon (Col) def. Kaitlyn Green (Bur) 8-1; Kiersten Housenga (Cli) def. Andrea Kurtz (Ott) 8-1. Championship: Cannon def. K. Housenga 8-5.

No. 6 — Semifinals: Anna Sinnott (Col) def. Caitlyn Thompson (Bur) 8-5; Georgia Garrett (Ott) def. Avan Colah wbj. Championship: Sinnott def, Garrett 8-4.


No. 1 — Semifinals: Lauren Galvin/Michaela Maxwell (Bur) def. Tiffany Benoit/Amanda Goldensoph (Cli) 8-3; Caitlin Thompson/Colah (CliJV) def. Carlson/Zeledon (Ott) 8-6; Fain/Weber (Col) def. Galvin/Maxwell 8-3; Brisch/Hubbart (Cli) def. Thompson/Colah 8-4. Championship: Fain/Weber def. Brisch/Hubbart 8-5.

No. 2 — Semifinals: Allyson Whitehead/Amanda Goldensoph (CliJV) def. Wittkamp/Whisenant (Bur) 8-6; Lange/K. Housenga (Cli) def. Whitehead/Goldensoph 8-2; Zingg/Garrett (Ott) def. Addie Misdorf/Amber Winkkel (CliJV) 8-2. Championship: Sinnott/Eighme (Col) def. Lange/Housenga 8-3.

No. 3 — Semifinals: Alice Lind/Brennan Kissack (CliJV) def. Kruse/Strube (Bur) 8-0; E. Housenga/Kaitlyn Green (Cli) def. Alice Lind/Brennan Kissack (CliJV) 8-5. Championship: Cannon/Roche (Col) def. E. Housenga/Green 8-5. 

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