MUSCATINE — Neither Clinton nor Camanche could handle Marion Linn-Mar on Saturday at the Kiser Invitational, and the main reason was that more times than not, the River Kings and Indians faced one another.

Clinton’s Connor Nolan was the lone area student-athlete to make the championship round in singles or doubles play. Nolan made it to the No. 3 singles flight final but was beaten by Linn-Mar senior Ben Myers 10-2.

The other eight title matches involved Linn-Mar and Pleasant Valley.

Clinton finished third with eight team points, while Camanche got fifth with three points.

In No. 1 singles, No. 3 seed Tanner Atkinson defeated River Kings senior Rohan Aggarwal 10-6, but the Camanche senior lost to Tim Paulson, who won the division, 10-6 in the semifinals.

Sameer Ansari also advanced to the semifinal round in No. 2 singles but lost to Linn-Mar’s Trevor McCann 10-0.

In other River Kings vs. Indians play, Camanche senior Harsh Patel beat Luke Boyd 11-10 with a 7-3 tiebreaker. Nick Beckwith defeated Camanche freshman Dev Patel 10-1.

In doubles, the duo of Ansari and Nolan beat Harsh Patel and Atkinson 11-9 in quarterfinal play but lost to PV’s top group 10-1 in the next round.

PV girls beat Indians

BETTENDORF — Camanche couldn’t figure out Pleasant Valley on Saturday. The Indians were beaten by the Spartans’ varsity and junior varsity teams. A third match, against Marion Linn-Mar, was suspended.

The Spartans varsity won 7-2 while the younger Spartans beat Camanche in a close 5-4 dual.

The Indians picked up three singles wins in the dual against the JV squad. Page Edens (10-8), Kylie Phillips (10-7), and Ciera Leary (10-4) recorded the wins.

Phillips and Marly Bussa won their doubles match against Ramya Kumar and Sophie Picchiotti 8-2.

In the dual that involved both varsity teams, the only two wins the Indians could get were from Phillips in singles play over Yashpreet Kaur 10-6, and Phillips/Bussa won 8-5 in doubles.


Team standings

1. Linn-Mar 26, 2. Pleasant Valley 18, 3. Clinton 8, 4. Davenport Assumption 7, 5. Camanche 3, 6. Muscatine 1, 7. Fort Madison 0, 7. Mount Pleasant 0.

Individual flight results

(Clinton/Camanche results, championship match)

No. 1 singles — Tanner Atkinson (CAM) def. Rohan Aggarwal (CLI) 10-6; Tim Paulson (L-M) def. Atkinson 10-0. Championship: Paulson def. Charlie Humes (PV) 8-5 ret.

No. 2 singles — Sameer Ansari (CLI) def. Jared Batty (MP) 10-2; Thomas Resnick (DA) def. Devan Michels (CAM) 10-4; Trevor McCann (L-M) def. Ansari 10-0. Championship: Sirram Sugumaran (PV) def. McCann 10-4.

No. 3 singles  — Connor Nolan (CLI) def. Tait Vogel (CAM) 10-5; Nolan wbf in semis. Championship: Ben Myers (L-M) def. Nolan 10-2.

No. 4 singles — Harsh Patel (CAM) def. Luke Boyd (CLI) 11-10 (7-3); Shane Skvor (L-M) def. Patel 10-0. Championship: Skvor def. Ajay Penmatcha (PV) 10-8.

No. 5 singles — Nate Thoms (CAM) def. Owen Blake (MUSC) 10-5; Garrett Stumbaugh (CLI) def. Jonathan Wardlow (FM) 10-1; Jeffrey Kardell (PV) def. Thoms 10-6; Kyle Brendes (L-M) def. Stumbaugh 10-0. Championship: Brendes def. Kardell 10-6.

No. 6 singles — Nick Beckwith (CLI) def. Dev Patel (CAM) 10-1; Aditja Subramaniam (PV) def. Beckwith 10-2. Championship: Lucas Huffman (L-M) def. Subramaniam 10-7.

No. 1 doubles — Ansari/Nolan (CLI) def. Atkinson/H. Patel (CAM) 11-9; Humes/Sugumaran (PV) def. Ansari/Nolan (CLI) 10-1. Championship: Paulson/McCann (L-M) wbf. 

No. 2 doubles —  Aggarwal/Zach Drury (CLI) def. Michels/Vogel (CAM) 10-7; Myers/Skvor (L-M) def. Aggarwal/Drury 10-2. Championship: Myers/Skvor def. Kardell/Penmatcha (PV) 10-2.

No. 3 doubles — Fennelly/Nelson (DA) def. Thoms/Patel (CAM) 10-6; Boyd/Beckwith (CLI) def. Wardlow/Nall (FM) 10-1; Subramaniam/Sundaranraj (PV) def. Boyd/Beckwith 10-6. Championship: Huffman/Gertsen (L-M) def. Subramaniam/Sundaranraj 10-1. 




Singles — Emily Bruinsma (PV) def. Maddie Parker 10-7; Sarah Bowman (PV) def. Lea Lefebure 10-7; Allison Ocel (PV) def. Alexa Devries 10-5; Page Edens (CAM) def. Ramya Kumar 10-8; Kyle Phillips (CAM) def. Abi Ramesh 10-7; Ciera Leary (CAM) def. Sophie Picchiotti 10-4.

Doubles — Parker/Lefebure (CAM) def. Bruinsma/Bowman 8-3; Ocel/Ramesh (PV) def. Devries/Edens 8-6; Phillips/Marly Bussa (CAM) def. Kumar/Picchiotti 10-4.


Singles — Lily Feldman (PV) def. Parker 10-0; Hannah Humes (PV) def. Lefebure 10-1; Roshni Penmatcha (PV) def. Devries 10-2; Emily Nutt (PV) def. Edens 10-1; Phillips (CAM) Yashpreet Kaur 10-6; Allie VanRaal (PV) def. Leary 11-9.

Doubles — Feldman/Penmatcha (PV) def. Parker/Lefebure 8-4; Nutt/Humes (PV) def. Devries/Edens 8-1; Phillips/Bussa (CAM) def. VanRaal/Crawford 8-5.