CLINTON — As golfers entered the Valley Oaks clubhouse after competing in the 18-hole Irish Invitational, one major facial expression swept across everyone’s face — frustration.

Easton Valley won the team aspect of the meet while North Cedar’s Nick Dewell won medalist honors on a cardback over Prince of Peace’s Connor Evers. Both shot 88.

“In terms of (weather) condition, that was the hardest round of golf I’ve ever played,” Evers said. “It was an incredibly windy day.”

Of the 88 shots Evers took, 30 were putts. 

Evers played the entire course Sunday and shot a 74. Monday’s meet was the Irish’s first 18-hole competition this spring.

“The wind got the best of me today, and that stinks thinking about that,” Evers said. “You had to think about where the wind was coming from, so you had to factor every different spot, which is draining.”

The Irish senior’s most-troubling hole came on the par-5 No. 11, where he recorded a 9.

“I’ve been playing really well recently, except today,” Evers said. “It’s unfortunate.”

Dewell had five consecutive pars on the front nine. It was North Cedar’s second time playing at Valley Oaks this month. The last time the Knights visited Clinton, they had to scurry because of the severe weather that hit the Gateway Area.

“It was difficult to get the shots you wanted,” Dewell said. “I’m a little surprised I won. My first hole, I double (bogeyed). I came back after that and played my best. I just had to play my shots, play low and do my best.” 

Easton Valley’s top golfer, Blake Bormann, was one shot off the lead, and he, too, thought the wind made for a difficult round.

“I had to take my time with each shot,” he said. “I knew it was going to affect a lot of scores. It was hard to think about what kind of score you needed. You had to think about each shot, and if you thought about anything else, it could have ended up being a really bad day.”

The wind, however, wasn’t going to be a vice for Bormann’s round.

“This was a good experience for future meets,” Bormann said. “It’s never gotten this bad with the wind. When you have a bad hole, it could get in your head and it wouldn’t be good for the rest of the day. It’s not an excuse to blame on the weather, but I know I wasn’t myself today.”

<\z186666660308838>The River Hawks have had a successful season with Monday being their sixth win of the season, according to Bormann.

<\z186666660308838>”Our whole team has been doing pretty well, and we’ve had some sophomores who have stepped up in some really big spots,” he said. “They got experience last year, but they’ve stepped their scores even from last year.”

<\z186666660308838>River Hawks Coach Jordan Davis was pleased with the team victory.

<\z186666660308838>”I knew our guys were going to have tough conditions,” Davis said. “I knew Lisbon was going to be our toughest competition, and to beat them by 11 strokes, that was a great team win. To have Marshall Driscoll come in with the score that he had (98), it really capped the win.” 

Brody Lodge, Camanche’s top golfer with a 101, pointed out that he’d much rather golf in windy conditions now than in a postseason meet.

“I would much rather have it here than a conference or sectional meet where there is a lot more on the line,” Lodge said. “It’s not like the season is over, or I had to come out and shoot an 80 today to keep the season going. There’s lots more golf left.”

Northeast’s top golfer was Jarrett Sterk with a 102 that included a much stronger back nine (45). 

<\z186666660308838>IRISH INVITATIONAL 

<\z186666660308838>Valley Oaks GC, par 72

<\z186666660308838>Team standings

<\z186666660308838>1. Easton Valley 370; 2. Lisbon 381; 3. North Cedar 383; 4. Prince of Peace 414; 5. Camanche 427; 6. Northeast 438; 7. Marquette Catholic 447. 

<\z186666660308838>Medalist — Nick Dewell (NC) 88 (on cardback). 

<\z186666660308838>Individual leaders 

<\z186666660308838>1. Dewell (NC) 40-48—88; 2. Connor Evers (PoP) 41-47—88; 3. Blaine Volquardsen (EV) 40-49—89; 4. Blake Bormann (EV) 45-44—89; 5. Colton Krob (Lisbon) 45-45—90; 6. Zach Darst 46-46—92; 7. Carson McNeil (EV) 48-46—94; 7. Cole Meier (NC) 47-47—94; 7. Lex Hinke (PoP) 45-49—94; 10. Lucas Frank (Marq) 46-50—96.

<\z186666660308838>EASTON VALLEY — Volquardsen 40-49—89; Bormann 45-44—89; McNeil 48-46—94; Marshall Driscoll 46-52—98; Kyle Petersen 52-52—104; Lucas Miller 61-59—120. 

<\z186666660308838>PRINCE OF PEACE — Evers 41-47—88; Hinke 45-49—94; Trevor Dickherber 59-55—114; Dyllan Sparks 59-59—118; Eddie Goodell 63-65—128; Tim Dickherber 62-68—130; Alex Foster 71-72—143.

<\z186666660308838>CAMANCHE — Brody Lodge 48-53—101; Hampton Grim 51-55—106; Mike Savochka 53-55—108; Colin Short 57-55—112; Jacob Peasley 61-57—118; Mason Kageman 56-69—125. 

<\z186666660308838>NORTHEAST — Jarrett Sterk 57-45—102; Jarrod Isbell 52-55—107; Trey Sullivan 60-52—112; Chandler Sterk 55-62—117; Nathan Crow 59-62—121; Tyson Sullivan 52-79—131; Ethan Ruchotzke 83-88—171. 

<\z186666660308838>MARQUETTE — Frank 46-50—96; Alec Schwager 53-52—105; Tanner Sieverding 57-61—118; Jordan Keil 64-64—128; Hunter Michels 71-62—133; Marcus Prull 71-70—141. 

<\z186666660308838>NORTH CEDAR — Dewell 40-48—88; Meier 47-47—94; Cory Cox 49-50—99; Logan Kress 52-50—102; Cody Fields 47-57—104; Pavin Esbaum 53-55—108. 

<\z186666660308838>LISBON — Krob 45-45—90; Darst 46-46—92; Ryan Kortemeyer 46-53—99; Austin Miller 48-52—100; Ryan Schrantz 46-58—104; Max Borkowicz 63-73—136. 

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