DAVENPORT — The hard work of getting into shape, learning the rules, and fine-tuning the product reaches its fulfillment tonight when the fun begins for the area Big Mouth Mickies roller derby team.

The opening home bout for the Big Mouth Mickies will be against area rivals Quad City Rollers. The two teams on wheels roll against each other beginning at 7 p.m. tonight at The River Center in Davenport.

Roller derby is an American-invented contact sport and, historically, a form of sports entertainment based on formation roller skating around an oval track. In the past roller derby has been a paid sport for both men and women.

This contemporary roller derby is predominantly female and operates on an amateur circuit, bouts on flat floor rinks, not the professional banked rink. It has a strong do it yourself ethic featuring athleticism and satirical punk third-wave feminism aesthetic.

Unlike professional roller derby players amateurs are unpaid and most actually spend money on the sport – purchasing their own equipment and paying monthly dues to support their leagues.

Imagine a hockey game but replace the ice with a roller rink and abandon ordinary names in favor of pseudonyms like Carbomb, Molly Tov, and Dannie Diesel.

Carbomb is head coach Annie Colby of LeClaire. Molly Tov is first string pivot Tara Bebber from LeClaire. Dannie Diesel is Danielle Colby, a massage therapist from LeClaire. The three are sisters and co-owners of the Big Mouth Mickies.

The roster includes Amy Hook (Fannie McSpankin) of Clinton, co-owner of major sponsor Hook’s Pub; Craig Lind (Craigie 88), Clinton; Chadwick (Pink Hawk), Davenport; Elizadeath, Bettendorf; and Nicole Adams (Red Roller) of Davenport.

Other first string players include Britney “B-Line” Sutterman, Davenport; GI Jean, Clinton; Holly “Holly Hatchet” Lange, DeWitt; Krystal “Krystallica” Smith, Bettendorf; and Angie “Daddy Von Distruction” Bollman, Davenport.

Also on the roster are Brandi “Brand YA” Stenerson, Clinton; Ashlie “IRAva” Jepsen, Clinton; Latrice “Sinful Slaughter” Patterson, Clinton; Liz “Ba Lizz Tic” Harris, Clinton; Miranda “Prrrfect Disaster” Meredith, LeClaire; and Danielle “Baby Blackhart” Judd, Clinton.

Tickets for the bout may be purchased at the door.